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In my work as a designer I am primarily inspired by my interest for smaller objects made of wood and ceramics. I am fascinated by object with simple functions and the interaction between the user and the object. The last couple of years my work has thus centered around boxes, trays, crates, frames and experimenting with new interpretations of these. 


The material and it’s physical and sensory qualities is the starting point in my work. I find inspiration in the natural and simple, and focus on creating objects that in its design language and construction appear honest and legible. I strive to create objects that reflect my joy of craftsmanship and design, with the hope of creating the same joy for the user. An enthusiasm for combining tradition and the present, honesty and aesthetics.


For contact:

Anna Søgaard

Prags Boulevard 61

2300 København S, Denmark


+45 51 30 31 35 

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